INSE S10/S10X/S10P Cordless Vacuum



Q1: Can it pick up pet hair from the floor?

Yes, it can. INSE S10 carries a 350W brushless motor with 26000kPA Max suction that can deal with pet hair efficiently.

Q2: Does this vacuum cleaner pick up litter or absorb liquid?

INSE S10 vacuum cleaner can only be used for picking up dry litter. It can't absorb the liquid or it will damage the battery and motor.

Q3: Can you use the vacuum cleaner while plugged in?

When the vacuum cleaner plugged in and charging, the motor won't turn on.

Q4: If my adapter is lost, can I use another adapter instead?

No, please make sure to use the original adapter all the time, if you lost it, please contact us for help.

Q5: Is it OK to leave the vac or battery on the charger all the time?

For your safety sake, we suggest you not. This battery only take 4-5 hours to fully charged.

Q6: Do I need to completely drain the battery before recharging?

Kindly please plug it in before it dies, that can make the battery in a healthy condition.

Q7: How long is the battery life?

All lithium batteries are approximately 500 times charged and discharged before the battery needs to be replaced..

Q8:  Must I replace or put the HEPA and Pre-filter into the motor?

Clean/replace your filter and stainless steel strainer regularly that can keep the maximal suction. Kindly please make sure the dry filter has been already put inside before using the vacuum, otherwise, the debris would go into the motor directly, which causes a bad motor or burning smell.

Q9: How to clean the motorized cleaning head? What should I do if the roller brush gets tangled with hair?

The motorized cleaning head is non-washable, there is a button under the motorized cleaning head to dissemble the roller brush. Use the small cleaning brush to cut the hair on the roller when it is necessary.

Q10: How to clean the dust bin?Is it washable?

Please use a damp cloth for the wipe and it can not be washed with flooding water.


1. Just received the vacuum and the power will not stay on, only run for like 5 mins then shuts off?

The rechargeable battery is not fully charged at the factory because of the charge and discharge test.

2. Why the battery does not light up or the light status is a marquee when it is charged?

You may use the wrong adapter, please use INSE S10 original adapter. Temporary inability to charge may also occur in a cold/hot environments.

3. Is it possible to have the second battery?

S10 battery is detachable. you can purchase a second S10 battery according to your needs on Amazon. At the same time, you can contact us for more information.

4. Battery doesn't hold a charge?

👉1. Please check if use the original INSE charger.
👉2. Please charge the battery out of the vacuum cleaner, after 5-6 hours, please check whether the three indicator lights on the battery are solid blue.
👉3. Temporary inability to charge may also occur in a cold/hot environment.

5. The suction power of a cordless vacuum is weaken?

👉1. Check whether the battery needs charging.
👉2. Check if the dustbin, strainer, or filter is full of dust.
❤️Please empty the dustbin, wash the strainer and mesh filter with cool water, and clean the HEPA filter with the cleaning gadget, replace the filter if necessary.
👉3. Check if the filters were installed correctly.
👉4. Check if there is any blockage in the tube, or roller brush that is tangled by hair.

6. Roller brush doesn't spin?

👉1. Please check whether the roller brush is tangled by hair.
👉2. Please detach the metal tube, and connect the motorized brush with the vacuum motor directly to check if the brush works.
❤️ If the motorized brush spins and the LED light is on, then it's the problem of the metal tube.
❤️ If the LED light is on but the motorized brush doesn't spin, then it's the problem of the motorized brush.

7. It’ll only turn on for about 10 seconds and then it keeps shutting off, even though I’ve been charging it.

👉Please detach the metal tube and motorized brush, test the vacuum motor ONLY and see if it works properly.

① If the vacuum motor works, please connect the motorized brush with the vacuum motor directly to check if the brush spins.

② If the vacuum motor doesn't work,send us a video, and our technicians will further confirm whether there is a problem with the battery or the motor.

How to make the video?

1#Charge the battery fully (over 5 hours)

2#Clean the filter which is inside the dust bin

3#Disassemble the extension rod and the motorized head brush

4#Push the button to the "LOCK" position

5# Just press once on the ON trigger and trigger the motor head (along with the dust box and the battery)

6# Take a video for the light status

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