INSE N6 Series Cordless Stick Vacuum



Q1: Can this operate on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz?

YES. The rechargeable battery is 2200mAh, INPUT VOLTAGE: 100-240V~ 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.5A; OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 26.5V--0.5A 13.3W
PS: when the battery is fully charged, the indicator lights will solid be on and stop flashing.

Q2: Is the tube long enough? Does this have a light on the flexible head?

YES, the retractable tube can be adjusted from 17.8inch to 27.6inch, you can cleaning celling, windown or other high plcaces easily.

And the Rotatable Motorized Brush with LED Light is swivel 150 degrees, attached a stiff roller perfect for low-pile carpets and a soft roller with antistatic carbon fiber bristle for all kinds of hard floors.

The front LED lights make it easily to see the dust under furniture or in hard-to-reach conner, the Stick Vacuum makes cleaning these areas an absolute breeze, giving you the very best cleaning performance.

Q3: Does the charger have to be wall mounted?

No, It does not have to be wall mounted. The base can easily be on the floor and you can simply put it in any part of your house and it's totally fine.

Q4: Should vacuum be removed from the charger once it is fully charged or is it okay to leave it on the charger?

We suggest that it is better to be removed the charger once it is fully charged because it will avoid overcharging and can extend the lifespan of your charger.

Q5: Where can i buy extra filters?

If you need to buy extra N650 HEPA filters, you can search for the keywords" N650 HEPA" from the INSE US store.

Q6: What is the running time?

Lower speed (7Kpa): 45min. Higher speed (12Kpa): 25min

Q7: How do I know it’s charging?

There are 3 green lights on top when fully charged. When you have only 1 or 2 green lights it is time to put it on the charger. You will see 1 of the lights blinking as it charges. When it is charged it will stop blinking and the next light will start if it also needs to be charged. When all 3 are not blinking then it is fully charged.

Q8:  Does the charger have to be wall mounted?

No, It does not have to be wall mounted. The base can be put on the floor easily and you can simply put it in any part of your house and it's totally fine.

Q9: Does this vacuum cleaner work on shag carpet?

It is not recommended to use it on the shag carpet. But you can use it for low-pile carpets.

Q10: Can the N650 vacuum cleaner stand on its own?

No, it can not stand up by itself. However, usually we suggest you use the wall charger to fix the vacuum and we also provide the portable storage stand individually.

Q11: Is there only one roller brush and what is the rollor brush designed for?

For N650, yes, there is only one 2-in-1 roller brush, which is suitable for low-pile carpets and hard floors.

Q12: How to clean the filters?

The metal filter is washable and ensure ut is compltely air-dry before refitting, and the HEPA filter is not washable but you can shake it clean or use a 2-in-1 tool to brush it.

Q13: What's in the box?

For N650, packing list is the same as below:
🔸1. Assemled Host(Battery Handle+Motor head+Dust cup+Metal filter+HEPA filter) 🔸2.Brush Head🔸3. Retractable Metal Tube🔸4. 2-in-1 Roller Brush🔸5. Long Crevice 🔸6. Oval Brush🔸7. Extra HEPA filter 🔸8. Adapter with Charing Base🔸9. Screws, 🔸10. 2-in-1 Cleaning Tool🔸11. Instructin Manual🔸12. Quick Start Guide


1. Battery doesn't hold a charge.

1. Please check if use the original INSE charger.
2. Please charge battery out of vacuum cleaner, after 4-5 hours, please check whether the three indicator lights on the battery are solid.

2. Roller brush doesn't spin.

1. Please check whether roller brush is tangled by hair.
2. Please check if the pins on brush head and metal tube bend or break up.
3. Please detach metal tube, and connect motorized brush with vacuum motor directly to check if brush works.
If motorized brush spins and LED light is on, then it's the problem of the metal tube.
If LED light is on but motorized brush doesn't spin, then it's the problem of motorized brush.

3. The suction power of cordless vacuum is weaken.

1. Check whether the battery needs charging.
2. Check if the dustbin, strainer or filters is full of dust.
Please empty the dustbin, wash the strainer and mesh filter with cool water, and clean the HEPA filter with the cleanging gadget, replace the filter if necessary.
3. Check if the filters were installed correctly.
4. Check if there is any blockage in tube, or roller brush is tangled by hair.

4. It’ll only turn on for about 10 seconds and then it keeps shutting off, even though I’ve been charging it.

Please detach metal tube and motorized brush, test vacuum motor ONLY and see if it works properly.
① If vacuum motor works, please connect motorized brush with vacuum motor directly to check if brush spins.
If the brush can not pin, please send us a video of the indicator light of the brush head to
② If vacuum motor doesn't work, please press the ON button once, and then send us a video of battery indicatir light to to show this, our technicians will further confirm whether there is a problem with the battery or the motor.

5. Why the vacuum cleaner stops working?

1. Please fully charge the battery, when all 3 constant battery indicator lights means fully battery.
2.Clean the hair from the Roller brush with the 2-in-1 cleaning tool.

6. Why the battery will not charge?

1. Please make sure to use the original charger adapter (26.5V) to charge the vacuum cleaner.
2. Check connection between the main motor and charging base.
3. Check connection between the charger and wall charging base.

7. What if the release red button pops off and broken on top part?

The red release button is integrated with the dust cup, please send a picture of the broken part to our customer support email to get a dust cup replacement.

8. What if the vacuum cleaner has the obvious broken part?

Please send a picture of the broken part to our customer support email to get a accordingly replacement part.

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