INSE N5S/N5T Cordless Stick Vacuum



Q1: What's the difference between N5S and N5T?

The only difference is the battery, the battery of N5T is upgraded, both of the runtime is 40-45 mins on standard mode, 15-20 mins on Max mode. The battery of N5S and N5T cannot be universal.

Q2: The white HEPA filter wrapped with something like fabric, was it supposed to be removed or not?

The mesh filter wrapped around is necessary for better block out the dust and small particle, please keep that on during use, DON'T put it off.

Q3: How long does it take to fully charge?

When you get this vacuum, it only has about 30% battery power, before you first use it, please use the original adapter to charge it for 5-6 hours fully. During charging, three blue lights blink successively, after charging for 5-6 hours, you can see there are three steady blue lights, which means the charging has been completed.

Q4: Can you use the vacuum cleaner while plugged in?

When the vacuum cleaner plugged in and charging, the motor won't turn on.

Q5: Do you have to hold the on button for it to work?

No, you don't need to hold the button all the time. First-press the Power Switch to turn on the vacuum; second-press it to change to high-suction mode; third-press it to turn it off. Or you can press the +/- Button to switch between high-suction mode and standard-suction mode.

Q6: How long is the charger cord?

The charger cord is in 4.92 ft length.

Q7: If my adapter is lost, can I use another adapter instead?

No, please make sure to use the original adapter all the time, if you lost it, please contact us for help.

Q8:  How to clean the HEPA filter?

The stainless-steel strainer and mesh filter are washable, please rinse them with cool water until the outflow is clean, and ensure they are completely air-dry before refitting. The white HEPA is NOT washable, please clean it with the cleaning gadget after each use.

Q9: How to reach Inse for customer support?

If you have any issues regarding your product, please find out the way to contact INSE from the manual. Our friendly staff will usually reach out to you within 12 hours. You can also call us at (+1)877 220 5188 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST M-F.

Q10: Why does the head not lay flat? I have to step on it to get it to lay flat.

The brush is designed with maneuverable 150° swivels sideways and 90°up and down to let you clean the house in all directions. The 90° standing structure has a buckle design, so when you start using the vacuum cleaner, you need to step on the floor to adjust the buckle angle.

Q11: The battery is fully charged, but the vacuum stops working soon. Is the battery broken?

Not necessarily, this situation will also occur when the vacuum cleaner is clogged. We suggest that you clean the dust box, metal filter, roller brush, etc. Especially the bearings with two sections of the roller brush.


1. Battery doesn't hold a charge.

👉1. Please check if you use the original INSE charger (27V).
👉2. Please charge the battery out of the vacuum cleaner, after 5-6 hours, please check the situation of the battery indicator lights, are blinking or staying solid?
❤️ FYI, during charging, three blue lights blinking successively, after charging for 5-6 hours, there are three steady blue lights, which means the charging has been completed.

2. The suction power of cordless vacuum is weaken?

👉1. Please make sure that the battery is fully 5-6 hours charged with the INSE original charger.
👉2. Check if the dustbin, strainer, or filters is full of dust.
❤️Please empty the dustbin, wash the strainer and mesh filter with cool water, and clean the HEPA filter with the cleaning gadget, replace the filter if necessary.
👉3. Check if the filters were installed correctly.
👉4. Please check if the rubber seal in the canister cover is still there, if it falls out, please reinstall it.
👉5. Check if there is any blockage in the tube, or roller brush is tangled by hair.
👉6. Please detach the brush head and metal tube, only test if the vacuum motor can suck up dirt normally.
After doing this, if the problem still exists, please contact us and send us a video to show the problem.

3. The motor has a loud noise and bad smell.

1. Please check whether the dust box, stainless-steel strainer, and white HEPA need to be replaced or washed.
2. Please check if there is a clog in the dust box, motorized brush, and metal tube, sometimes, the noise/smell is caused by some clog.
3. Please detach the motorized brush and metal tube, ONLY test the vacuum motor (i.e. handheld part) and see if it works properly without the noise/smell.
As you know, video is easier to explain the problem than words, please send me a video to show this clearly.
After receiving your video, our technicians will find out the problem and help you solve it.

4. Roller brush doesn't spin?

👉1. Please check whether roller brush is tangled by hair.
👉2. Please check if the pins on brush head and metal tube bend or break up.
👉3. Please detach metal tube, and connect motorized brush with vacuum motor directly to check if brush works.
❤️ If motorized brush spins and LED light is on, then it's the problem of the metal tube.
❤️ If LED light is on but motorized brush doesn't spin, then it's the problem of motorized brush.

5. It’ll only turn on for about 10 seconds and then it keeps shutting off, even though I’ve been charging it.

Please detach metal tube and motorized brush, test vacuum motor ONLY and see if it works properly.
① If vacuum motor works, please connect motorized brush with vacuum motor directly to check if brush spins.
If the brush can not pin, please send us a video of the indicator light of the brush head to
② If vacuum motor doesn't work, please press the ON button once, and then send us a video of battery indicatir light to to show this, our technicians will further confirm whether there is a problem with the battery or the motor.

6. After troubleshooting, the problem is the brush. But do I need to replace the whole brush head or just the roller brush?

👉Please take out the roller brush, then turn on the vacuum to check whether the inner spin bearing of the brush head spins or not.
①If the inner spin bearing spins, the problem is the roller brush.
②If the inner spin bearing does not spin, the problem is the brush head

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